The Hair and the Headband...

Lately I've been obsessing over my hair and upset that its not growing at the rate that I would like. Its in this horrible in between stage and I can't decide if I want to cut it or wait it out for it to get longer.

While grappling with what I want to do about my hair, I was acting very childish. I was more than upset over my hair. I was secretly on the verge of tears many days looking in the mirror at my hair. And then I met an amazing little girl at work and I got over it.

For those of you who don't know, I work in the Kid's Wear department in Nordstrom. To me it was just a regular day, and there was a mother with her daughter just shopping on a Saturday. Other associates didn't want to help them because they didn't think they would get a high commissioned sale since they were lingering around the accessories. Something told me don't ignore them...and I'm more than glad that I didn't.

I asked them if they needed any help, and the mother informed me they were looking for really cute headbands to adorn her daughter's new hair cut. I looked at the little girl who had the most stunning face I've seen on a 7 year old; then saw her short curly hair. Her mother informed me that her daughter chopped all of her hair off. Although I was in shock, I shook it off as a rebellious act. She then told me her daughter cut her hair while she was in the hospital. The little girl had long flowing hair half way down her back and chopped it off because she saw her mother battling cancer. Her mother lost her hair and she said "I thought it wasn't fair for me to have all my hair and mommy had to lose hers". The mother who initially learned of the hair cut while still in the hospital was admittedly upset until she got home and saw her daughter. The little girl said "Mommy don't worry, its just hair. We can grow our hair back together"little girl who chopped her hair off because her mother had cancer.

I couldn't believe I had been acting so childish about my hair, and here, a child was acting more like an adult. I was completely humbled after meeting this little girl, and was so glad and honored that I could help choose her new hair accessories for her new cut.


blkprincess87 said...

Wow. I have been having A LOT of bad hair days these past couple of days but hearing that story it makes me change the way I've been thinking. Thank u for posting that if I was the one to have met this mother and daughter I probably would've been on the verge of tears after hearing that.

Olivia Cole said...

I'm glad I posted it as well. It was such a humbling experience to meet that little girl.