Dear Black Girl: Your Black Can Crack

As women of color we love saying "YASSSSS HONEY. BLACK DON'T CRACK" but I'm here to tell you something. It will crack. It will shatter. It can be destroyed like any other organ, but only if you let it.

Previously mentioned in my Skincare 101 post, skin is the ONLY organ that can get better over time, however only if you take care of it. With as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you can restore your skin to optimal health, and in many cases make it better than ever.

At 31 years of age, most people will tell me I still look 18, but I can see a significant difference in my skin, and let me tell you, its not that of an 18 year old, but I'm getting there. There are just certain things that your skin starts to lose as early as your mid twenties. By your mid twenties you're losing your glow. And by your mid thirties your collagen production is gone.

Any skincare professional will tell you that COLLAGEN IS KING. If your skin never stopped producing collagen you would never get a scar, a wrinkle and it would look as smooth as when you were a little girl. So if you aren't taking care of your skin, naturally before you even hit 40 years old you're potentially dry and wrinkly. No ma'am, not I said the cat.

If you don't already I highly encourage you to get a skincare regimen. As a reminder, here are The 5 Essentials Steps for and Optimal Skincare Routine.

Exfoliators, Toners, Eye Creams and Serums are what I'm currently focusing on, and I can tell you, they have made such a drastic difference in my skin. Not just using these products, but using them DAILY makes all the difference in the world. I can't stop looking at how much my skin has changed in a matter of weeks, and how great it looks without a drop of makeup.

I am lazy by nature, but going through all of the steps and really completing each step of the skincare routine has made a HUGE difference in my skin. My skin has been more clear, supple to the touch, smooth as a baby's bottom, less puffiness around the eyes, as well as a reduction in dark under eye circles.

If you are completely unsure and lost, and think that something may be going wrong with your skin, please seek the professional help of a dermatologist.


5 Things You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

If you've been following me for some time, you know that I don’t wear makeup all the time. And when I do my face at home, I’m a set it and forget it type of girl. I don’t believe you need a whole bunch of things on you at all times to maintain your face. However, if there is a time that I don’t have a face on and I feel like a quick face is needed so I can look alive, there are some key transforming things that I must absolutely have in my makeup bag.

Bronzer is going to bring the right amount of warmth to the face, I can use it to contour, and use it as an eyeshadow as an all over lid color or just in the crease for some depth and dimension.

A highlighter can quickly be placed on the high points of the face for a bit of shimmer and glow. You can pop some in the inner tear duct to open the eyes, and it can be used as an eyeshadow color all over the lid with your fingers. Don’t even need a brush!

No brainer. Open up the eyes and bring a little bit of drama.

Eye Kohl
Black or brown, an eye kohl is necessary. Whether lining your top and/or lower lash line, tight lining, or smudging the liner in to make a quick smoky eye, you have to have one.

Whether it’s your go to pinky nude lip, or the perfect bold color, having the right lip color can bring the right amount of umph and pop to your face to pull it all together. 


Why I Wear Makeup

“Why do you wear makeup when you don’t need it?”

“I don’t have time for all of that mess. I’d rather be natural”

“That’s doing too much. All I need is….”

If you have ever parted your lips to tell myself or someone else about their use of makeup, let me stop you right there. While not a single soul asked you, I’ll go ahead and answer it for you. BECAUSE I WANT TO DAMN IT. And if wearing makeup is something you choose not to do, then so be it. No one asked you. And no one cares. If I went around asking women why they choose to have bags under their eyes, not hide blemishes, or not put on some brozner or blush, I’m pretty sure someone would call me rude.

The same women makeup shaming because they don’t get it, are always the first ones criticizing an HD photo saying that a woman should have worn makeup, or they’re asking for tips and tricks on how to recreate a natural beat. But that’s none of my business. I accept all clients and tenders. *sips tea*

I don’t know where the assumption came from that any woman who wears makeup spends an hour or more painting her face elaborately like a drag queen. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have patience for long drawn out processes. I have my routine down to a science and I can do things quickly and efficiently.

I’m not insecure. I don’t have “bad skin”. I’m not trying to hide any of my God given features. I merely think makeup is amazing, it’s an art, and damn it it’s a skill that I have. So I’m not going to not use my skill. I feel good about myself when I’m wearing it, and I shouldn't feel like I need to wear or do less to make other people feel more comfortable. Makeup is an accessory to me. I wear lashes like a necklace. I wear lipstick as if it were a ring. It’s just another accouterment to up the ante on whatever ensemble I’m wearing. It can boost your mood and invoke a feeling. It just so happens I use makeup as a tool to make those things happen. If you don’t like makeup so be it. But don’t judge those who enjoy it.


Forever Beat


Why I Can't Hear Your Message When You're Messy

This has been weighing on my heart rather heavily these days. I used to feel for bad for feeling the way that I do. I thought maybe I was shallow, and ultimately worried about the wrong things. But in all honesty, I know that I'm right. When you look a mess, I'm missing the message you were probably trying to send.

I am often attending conferences and networking events for my day job, and I'm always astounded by the number of professionals (in any field) who are thought leaders and influencers that physically look a mess. People that I KNOW have a coin to their name. And it seems as if they just don't care. Messy hair, ill fitting clothing, raggedy shoes. On the flip side, I'm always seeing aspiring businesswomen who look a mess as well. How are you going to prove to someone that you can handle their business, their financial baby, and you can't even keep yourself together?

I'm not sure why this concept is hard to digest for many, but I'm telling you from what I see day in and day out in the business world, many of you just aren't getting it. If you don't take your appearance seriously, I'm not going to take you seriously as a businessperson. Point blank period.

You've heard it a million times before "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have" and it's true! Look like money and you will attract money. Don't let your physical appearance be a reason that you actually repel business.

Let's just think about it this way. If I did my makeup horribly, would you trust me to make you look neat and pulled together? Don't even try to think of an answer other than "HELL NO", because you'd be lying through your teeth.


Favorite Fragrances

I am an admitted fragrance freak. I find any excuse to buy them. Every holiday becomes a reason. Each fragrance serves a purpose, a mood and a feeling. Whether its how I feel at that moment, or the feeling I'm trying to invoke. I don't believe you can have too many fragrances. I mean who doesn't want to smell good? If you can switch up bags and shoes, you can switch up your fragrance.

I'm not the type of person who won't tell you the fragrance they're wearing because a) you're not going to buy it anyway, or b) it doesn't matter because it won't smell the same on you as it does on me. Gotta love body chemistry!

Here are my top 5 fragrances (of the moment). This is not a comprehensive list of all the fragrances I own, just simply some of my favorites.

For details and notes on each fragrance, keep reading. 


The Best of 2015 Projects

As I sit here looking back at some of the projects from 2015, I'm very pleased with where my artistry has taken me and where Candice Olivia Beauty will continue to go. From engagements, to high profile weddings being featured in publications, maternity shoots, conceptual projects and more, I'm just so happy and inspired to keep pressing forward.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the year


My Favorite Purchases From 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, I was thinking that in 2016 I will start doing more favorites lists. I can't promise that they will be monthly, but I can promise I will make more of an effort to share details about the products that I love.

As I have already missed out on consistently doing lists for 2015, I have decided to do a year end wrap up of all the things that I purchased in 2015 that I'm absolutely in love with. In no particular order, here is the list.

1. Glamcor Lights
Now while these lights aren't the end all be all of lights, and I already have my eye on another system, they were still a very important purchase that I made this year. It has completely changed my appointments as well as my before and after photos of clients. Not to mention the lighting for my selfies, as well as when I'm on Periscope.

2. LuMee Case
I know I said the list was in no particular order, but had I ordered the list, this purchase would have been number 1! As someone who is the queen of selfies a la Kim Kardashian, it was only right that I purchased the same phone case that she has to illuminate her pics. The case even ended up on Oprah's Favorite Things List (after I had already purchased it and didn't get the discount code *eye roll*) The case has been life changing to my selfies when I'm not at home and away from my lighting system. Who doesn't want to glow in the dark? Literally... You can purchase one here.

3. Ardell Double Up #206 Lashes
I'm newly obsessed with lashes. This only coming after it taking me FOREVER to get comfortable with applying lashes to myself. And now that I have it down to a science, I'm unstoppable. I picked these lashes up for fun, and was hesitant to even wear them thinking that the thicker than usual band would be irritating. However, I was surprised at how beautiful (and comfortable) they are and quickly became some of my favorites.

4. Becca Skin Perfector Poured 
Another purchase that I made where I never intended to get it. I had intended on getting the pressed powder formula, and the associate accidentally handed me the poured (cream) formula instead. Initially upset, I decided to get over it and just try it. And honestly, it's my go to highlighter right now. With me having dry skin, the cream formula actually works better for me, especially during these winter months to have some glow and not look chalky.