My Top 10 Eyeshadows!

Here is a list of my top 10 eyeshadows. All of the eyeshadows mentioned are by MAC. They are not listed in any particular order. Let me just note that I pulled all of the pictures and descriptons from http://www.maccosmetics.com/ and many of them do look much different in person. If you are not familiar with eyeshadow finishes make sure you read this post.

1. Carbon

Description: Intense black. (Matte) 
How I use it: I use this color for a smokey eye. Its highly pigmented and very intense. I build the color gradually starting with a light application and place it in the outter v of my eye shape. If I'm going for a very dramatic smokey eye I will put this color on my lid and bled it out with darker browns in the crease. At times I use a pencil brush and place the color right under my lower lashline to intensify a smokey eye. And finally, I often use this color to set my eyeliner. This color has many uses and is a staple to anyone getting started in make up.

2. Saddle

Description: Golden orange brown. (Matte)
How I use it: I only use this color for blending. Its a color that is close to my skintone, slightly darker. Its the perfect color (for me) to blend out colors to achieve a gradient effect from the lid to the brow bone. First I will prime my eye with a paintpot (painterly) and this is the first shadow that I apply right above the crease but not reaching the brow bone in a windshield wiper motion with a MAC 224 blending brush. I only use it one way but I use it every day.

3. Straw Harvest (LE)

Description: Frosty light yellow orange. (Veluxe Pearl)
How I use it: I love this color. It doesn't apply to the skin the way it looks in the packaging. I use it on the entire lid for an every day eye or in the inner corner of my eye to brighten a look and make my eye appear to be more open. Very pretty color. It was limited edition when I purchased it over the summer. I hope they make it a permanent color.

4. Sketch

Description: Burgundy with red shimmer. (Velvet)
How I use it: I absolutely adore this color. I love using it to create a smokey eye. Its a wonderful color to put in the crease and blend out with darker browns. I often use it when blending out a purple smokey eye, pink smokey eye or brown smokey eye and combine it with a wine colored lip.

5. Mulch

Description: Red brown with bronze pearl. (Velvet)
How I use it: I love this color. Perfect lid color to create a bronze smokey eye. Apply this color all over the lid and blend it out with darker browns in the crease. Love love love it.

6. Satin Taupe

Description: Taupe with silver shimmer. (Frost)
How I use it: Absolutely adore this color on the lid. I originally purchased it in a holiday palette and I use it often. I sometimes use it when blending out a smokey eye if I have a very dark color like carbon on the lid.

7. Contrast

Descripton: Purplish blue with pearl. (Velvet)
How I use this color: This is very pretty and very dark blue. Its highly pigmented and best if  you gradually build the color. I use this color the same way I do carbon.

8. Sumptuous Olive

Description: Khaki with pearl. (Veluxe Pearl)
How I use it: This is a very pretty green color. I like to use it on the lid alone or smoke it out a little with some dark browns like embark or dark devotion.

9. Woodwinked

Description: Warm antiqued gold. (Veluxe Pearl)
How I use it: I absolutely adore this color. Its such a beautiful lid color. I use it often for an every day nuetral face.

10. Motif

Description: gold peach with pink pearl. (Frost)
How I use it: I cant say enough good things about this eye color. When  you look at the color in person you will see why I love this color so much. Its a very irridescent color and looks amazing on the lid by itself. Don't know what color to wear? Just put this color on your lid and allow it to become whatever you'd like it to be. Its like a mood changing eye shadow (ok that's a stretch but that's how I feel about it at times).

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