I'm not digging the sale

"To dig or not to dig? That is the question." 

My best friend and I were having a conversation today about extreme annual and semi-annual sales in stores and how we hate digging for things. My mother told me that I was a snooty shopper because I said "I don't do bins".  You can call me a stank shopper. That's OK. I'll be that! I don't think there is anything wrong with me saying that nor do I feel bad for saying it. 

As with anything that I strongly despise there are multiple reasons why. Disclaimer: These thoughts are strictly in reference to clothing. If its a semi-annual sale at Bath&Body Works, OK I can do it. But sales at EXPRESS or Victoria's Secret I cannot do. (Hmmm...they are all owned by the same company. Maybe I should contact the Limited Brand reps and let them know how I feel)

1. Desperation
My disdain for sales of this nature #1 is rooted in the fact that I shall never look desperate to purchase something. There is just something to me about digging in a box to purchase something that rubs me the wrong way. 

2. Out of Sight Out of Purchase
If I can't see it I'm not buying it. And I'm not about to dig to the bottom of a box to look for a top or a skirt or anything of that nature. 

3. Clothes are not presented as intended
I've worked in fashion retail for quite some time and just love clothes in general. Its a very big pet peeve of mine for clothes to be displayed in the way they were originally intended. It also bothers me when people don't take care of quality. I don't care if you paid $4 or $400 for an item; you need to cherish that item. Every item deserves respect in your closet. So why the hell ball up a piece of clothing and throw it in a box. Its not on a mannequin and you can't see the way it was intended to be worn. Its all wrinkled up (another pet peeve of mine) as if its something that is worthless. Just because its on sale doesn't mean its lost fashion value. They just need to make room for new merchandise. No reason to ball it up.  

Just a little rant about box sales and why I can't stand them. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. 

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