What Was Your First Lip Color?

Instant Gold Lustreglass by MAC
Last week I asked everyone what their first eyeshadow they ever purchased was. This week I wonder what your first lip color was.

My first lip color that I ever purchased was "Instant Gold" lustreglass by MAC. Again I was transitioning out of a severe tomboy phase in my life and this was a mild color to say the least. One of the few colors that didn't scare me.

I initially loved my lustreglass and wore it every single day! I think I have purchased 2 of them over the years. I just found it in my stash the other day and was reminded of my love affair with the color....so I immediately put it on.....not so much. I don't like it anymore! Its so sticky and EWW! I only like soft silky lips with a touch of shine/gloss. I think I'm going to throw it away now.

So what was your first lip color? Who was it by? Do you still have it? Do you still love it? Let me know!


Danielle87 said...

I can't remember my first lip color. What I do know is I use to buy those little roller lip glosses from the beauty supply store since that's all girls wore when I was in my teen years lol.

socialitedreams said...

If I remember correctly, it was Oh Baby by MAC...that was literally what every single black girl out here in my area of Chicago wore, lol! So my cousin bought me some and I loved it.


Judith Blanco said...
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Judith Blanco said...

How can I forget??? My first Lip-gloss and Lipstick were by Lancome. The Juicy Tubes in Simmer which is like the perfect brownish/peachy color and Spring Fling a light cotton Candy Pink. The lipstick is called "Camisole" in a sheen or shimmer finish. Oh and YES I still wear the Lipstick, it's the perfect spring/summer color. The Juicy tubes not so much.

Candice Olivia said...

@Danielle87 lol I vividly remember those roll on lip glosses. My mother never let me buy them. She said that my lips would burn...I tried a friends and they did. Never used them again.

@socialitedreams I agree every single black girl had Oh Baby by MAC. I think that's specifically why I didn't get it.

@JudithBlanco that sounds like an amazing first purchase. I may have to see if those colors are still around.

Anonymous said...

My first lip color was Oh Baby by Mac. why is this the first color they give black women who visit MAC.I still have it though, I think its sticky.