Pretty Stank Face! Beyonce in NC this weekend!

(I got this picture from someone who went to see her in DC and had AMAZING seats)

I really feel like I embody this picture. I'm known for making some of the most stank faces (my friends can attest to this) As stank as it is, its so beautiful at the same time. I LOVE IT. I think I might have to knock the BF off and make this the background on my computer for a while. I'm sure he won't even notice LOL. 

I'm oh so excited that I get to see the gorgeous and very talented Beyonce preform again! I saw her the last time she was in DC and I had floor seats. This time I have to travel to NC but it just so happens that the concert is the same day as my family reunion so it works! See grandma then see Beyonce. Doesn't get any better right?!?

I always thought people were crazy for crying when they see their favorite performer. That was until Beyonce came out the floor. My heart started racing and I cried! I also cried when she sang Dangerously In Love. And I cried AGAIN when she said Flaws And All. But that was only because she was crying and I couldn't help myself. 

Stay tuned for pictures. I'm sure I'll have some outfit pics, hopefully some do's and don'ts from audience goers (sure I'll have more don'ts than do's) and maybe some face looks from me and my mommy. Oh yeah I'm going with my mom! She's the best.
(picture of me and mommy)


Anonymous said...

thanks a nice picture of you and your mommy. have fun, you're so lucky.

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Your Mum's a stunner!

Shirley B. Eniang said...

You look like ur mummy!

Very CuTe!


Olivia Cole said...

Thanks ladies! I'll have to pass the comments on to mommy. She's been thinking she's really cute these days. I've created a monster LOL