To be or not to be...Made up that is (Hairstylist)

I've  had this conversation before with my hairstylist and its something that just bothers me to the core. Ladies, how many of  you have visited or visit hair salons where the employees look, how shall I say it....look like a H.A.M. (hot ass mess) This just really angers me and makes no sense to me. 

How can I trust you with my coif and you look like you haven't even attempted to comb your hair in three days, let alone try and style it. I think its bad for business. As a stylist you are to be the face/hair of the styles that you can create. You're supposed to be glossy and all things fabulous. I'm not saying that  you have to wear heels, and have your face beat and look as if you're going on a red carpet while you stand and do hair hours on end. But I will say that you need to look presentable not only for your clients but for the business  you own or work for. 

Let me put it this way...would you go to the make up counter and ask a woman that looks like bozo the clown to make you look like Marilyn Monroe...or to do your bridal make up? NO, I don't think you would. 

Just a little rant about something that bothers me and I thought I would share. I know I'm not alone in this. 


Kymie Neutron said...

I totally agree with this. It takes away from the credibility of any type of stylist be it MUA, hair, or wardrobe when you see them lookin a HAM. Im not trying to be walking around looking like boo boo the fool.

Olivia Cole said...

i love that you used "boo boo the fool" i use that all the time and my friends laugh at me.