Lovin/Hatin 003

Have a lot on my mind these days between school and work.

  • The color blue. Used to be my favorite color back in the day but its resurfacing. I want blue dresses, blue shirts, blue blazers, blue shoes and definitely blue eyeshadow.
  • My NYX Jumbo shadow pencil in yogurt. Works wonderfully as an all over shadow base or as a brow highlighter.
  • The fact that I'm back in school. I miss books and academia. I'm getting my masters in management with a focus in Public Relations.
  • My business partners with The Glossy Posse. I couldn't have picked better partners myself. Everyone is dedicated and loves it and sees the vision.
  • TWITTER! I'm addicted. I've made so many connections both personal and business. I think its great and people shouldn't hate on it (the way I did at first). If you're on Twitter follow me @MsOliviaCole as well as my business venture @TheGlossyPosse.
  • New releases from the fall collection at J Crew. I'm really trying to get my sexy preppy chic on for the fall and they are doing me just right!


  • The fact that I want to find a new person to thread my eyebrows. And I have 3 weeks to figure it out before I have caterpillars again.
  • That I feel like I'm getting a cold. I really can't afford to be sick right now. I have too much to do these days.
  • That there is only one more episode of True Blood on HBO.


мiмi =) said...

have you tried threading them yourself? i do mine, its actually fairly easy! =)

Olivia Cole said...

i actually was threading them myself for a minute, but they didn't look the way i wanted them too. my brows require....how shall i say..."extra work" lol. i actually have two different arches so i could never get them to look perfectly balanced