Couture Treat: Cucumber Water

Today I went to the spa for an appointment and was asked if I wanted a beverage. It's damn near 100 degrees and I had to walk to the building, so of course I said yes to a glass of water. As I went to down my glass I quickly noticed this wasn't plain water. I could clearly taste that it was cucumber water.

Now let me just say that I'm no stranger to a spa, and I have often seen cucumber water available. However I have also seen lemon water available which I naturally gravitate towards. I didn't have a choice, and I actually liked it. So I asked myself, OK I see this often, what's the deal with cucumber water? So naturally I did a little research and thought I would share my findings.

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Cucumbers contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, two antioxidant nutrients that can help protect the skin from sun damage, handy for the summer! Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin, which helps keep skin looking vibrant while caffeic acid protects skin cells from UV radiation. Cucumbers also have natural anti-inflammatory properties and help to prevent water retention. Cucumbers also contain silica an essential component of healthy connective tissue.

Cucumber Water Recipe

In order for the cucumber to fully release its juice, you need to prepare it the day before.


◦1 cucumber, sliced and unpeeled + 6-7 cucumber slices for decoration

◦1 1/2 to 2 liters of water

◦3 mint sprigs + 2 mint sprigs for decoration

◦Half a lemon, sliced and unpeeled

◦Ice cubes

In a pitcher, mix the water, cucumber, 3 mint sprigs and lemon. Let it rest on the fridge for 24 hours. If you prepare the water at the last minute, cut the first cucumber in three or four pieces. Then, squeeze the cucumber pieces to release all the juice.

Before serving remove the cucumber slices used to flavor the water. Then stir with a wooden spoon, add some ice cubes, 6 or 7 fresh cucumber slices and the remaining 2 mint sprigs. Enjoy this refreshing drink.

Enjoy the perfect summer beverage!

*peace love & couture*

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