Customer Service Blues: Zara Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely abhor and despise lackluster customer service. It's the bane of my existence. I feel that there is absolutely no excuse for it whatsoever. I'm starting to believe I was a customer service representative in a past life or something the way I scrutinize customer service on every transaction that I make.

This time I wasn't pleased with my most recent shopping experience at Zara in Montgomery Mall. It was the first Saturday of fall, I wanted some sweaters and dresses that were appropriate for the change in the weather and had no luck at any of the other stores I had visited the previous week. I entered Zara and immediately fell in love with many of the garments I saw on the racks. The fabrics had weight to them, the pieces were tailored and the colors were rich. I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer for my credit card. I knew it was about to go down something serious. I made eye contact with a sales associate...and he looked at me and didn't even part his lips. (Strike 1 in my book). I pa roused the store with my friend, found some items and decided I better close out at the register before my credit card was gasping for air.

As I approached the counter with roughly 8 garments, the associate at the counter didn't say a word to me. He just started snatching clothes and ringing (Strike 2). There wasn't a "How are you today? Was anyone helping you? Did you find everything to your liking?"...None of that. Clothes were just on the counter all willy nilly, and a manager came over to assist him with the transaction (which I'm still unsure why....it wasn't difficult) She actually made it worse because she was moving too fast and not paying attention. Eight garments and $300 later, I was out of the store without a "Thank you" or "Have a nice day".

I reach the door and my bag goes off. I quickly turn around feeling uncomfortable that I still had a security sensor on my items. I go back into the store trying to get the attention of an associate...to no surprise I was ignored. I waited a bit longer and still no assistance. I decided to put my bag on the counter myself and dig through looking for sensors. I immediately didn't see any and assumed that it was one of those sensors on the tag that you have to cut off. I brushed it off and left.

Once I got home and went to try on all of my things, I see that 3 of my items still had sensors on them. I was heated to say the least! As my beau says "Gas is too damn high to be making extra trips". And he's absolutely right. I went back yesterday to return half of the items I purchased. Who do I see at the register when I walk in? The same jerk that completely ignored me and was rude to me the previous week. However, this time he appeared to be all too chipper, and helpful to others. I made sure I pointed out to the manager when she asked me why I was returning my items that he was completely rude and just because I was pissed I'm choosing not to exchange or simply have them take the sensors off.

I think they got my drift...but now it's time to call corporate...

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