Beautiful Blue Birthday Options!

My birthday will be here in a matter of 30 days and I can't wait. I will be 25 and I'm quite excited unlike most of my friends that are also encroaching the same age. I mean hey, my car insurance will go down again. That's something to be grateful for. I'll have more money to spend on frivolous things.

I had already made my mind up that I wanted the theme for my weekend to be Sapphire & Diamonds. I'm really obsessing over blues and greens right now and Sapphire is my birthstone so it seemed only right.

I went to a few stores and thought I would be able to do it on my own but I quickly realized I was lost and disappointed. So I enlisted help. I asked a new friend and fellow style and fashion maven on twitter Shakirah Hill (@StyleAtelier) to help me find a blue dress for my birthday. And she is a fellow University of Maryland graduate. (I have TREMENDOUS love for my school).

As I sent my S.O.S. to her via twitter she rapidly responded with some options. Here is what she came up with.

As I clicked on each link I was more and more intrigued. She said she will continue looking but so far I'm very pleased. Just might have to break her off with a fee for services rendered!

Option 1 from Bloomingdales is cute and flirty and I can see myself wearing it.
I love the one shoulder look of Option 2 as well as the length.
Option 3 was more embellished than I would have picked for myself but not something that I wouldn't ever try. I was wondering what shoes I would wear with the dress but as soon as I caught a glimpse of the back of the dress I didn't care too much. The back of the dress is amazing.
And then came my favorite....Option 4.....

As soon as I saw it I literally called out "THAT'S ME". There wasn't much I could say. Perfect shade of blue. Perfect length. Something to look at in the front and the back (have to be memorable when you walk away) and it has pockets! I could just feel the accessories coming to mind and the whole ensemble coming to life.

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