Project Runway 6 in 2 Days!

I almost completely forgot that Project Runway 6 begins soon. I think its because they moved from Bravo to Lifetime and I never watch that channel. With that aside, the much despised hiatus due to legal battles with networks will be over this Thursday, August 20 at 10pm! Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn will return with a new crop of designers as they fight to the finish with shears and fabric in hand.

I haven't gone on line to really see who the contestants are because I want to be very surprised. I did however peek at the blog and was scared to see that they have the 3 final collections posted. I cheated and looked at one but I'm going to block it out of my mind. They don't have which contestants will be the final 3 but I'm sure if you are an avid watcher and you cheat and look, you'll be able to figure out the style of various designers and figure out who the final 3 will be. I URGE YOU DON'T LOOK!

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