Couture Newness: Dope Lips!

I can't wait to see/taste/feel the new lipgloss line from music star Teyana Taylor. The ultra funky and fashionable star will soon be debuting her "Dope Lips" line of glosses. Its only right that the luscious lipped star delved into the world of lipgloss. 

The new line will include shades like: "salute the nude", "femme queen", "purple kiss" and "color me pink". I hope they are rich and creamy and not sticky. Hopefully they will be just as dope as they are marketed to be. 

The promo pics are absolutely gorgeous and I love her strong yet delicate look. Very chic. 


Opé - Style Artist said...

She definitely has an interesting look. I saw the pix yesterday and wished she had shown more than two colors. Maybe that is all they let out though.

Olivia Cole said...

Yea I wanted a more kaleidoscope of colors as well. Especially with her personality. And they should really be selling the colors. But she still looked cute.

blkprincess87 said...

I can't wait for her lip gloss line to come out. I nominated u for a blog award check out my blog : )