The 3 Day Rule

Anyone living on the east coast knows that it's been very hot this summer. My own father who specializes in air conditioning, refrigeration and heating said there hasn't been a time in the last 50 years where it has been consistently this hot. For me this has meant lots of pool days and pinning my hair up so its not on the back of my neck.

I absolutely adore hot weather and many of my friends tell me that I'm crazy. I want to be outside during peak hours and just roast in the sun. In my defense I'm lactose intolerant and sun exposure is an excellent source of Vitamin D which is needed for bone recalicification. (Had to throw some education in there for you) Anyways...I have digressed...

For the past 2 summers I have cut my hair so I haven't had a need to pin it up. I haven't had hair on my neck while its been hot, so I just pull my bangs out my face and keep it moving. Now things have changed. My hair is growing back at a rapid rate and I finally have enough for a full bun. I absolutely despise ponytails that are too short and buns that aren't full. For whatever reason they really bother me.

So now that I have a full bun again and I had been frequenting the pool and its been so hot it was my go to hairstyle until I got called out by my mother.

"Candice, you know men have a 3 day limit on ponytails and buns. Its cute for a few days, but after that your time is up and you need to get your hair done."

I thought she was just making it up until my boyfriend out of nowhere says "Remember that time you got your hair done like this...I really like that. You need to do that again." I looked at the calendar and realized it had been 4 days. Was my mother right? Do men really have a 3 day limit where they tolerate seeing their significant other with a ponytail or bun? When I told my boyfriend about said rule he said to me "Uhhhh yea! I didn't want to be rude and tell you get your friggin hair done. I was trying to be nice. But I was over seeing the bun."

I really want to hear from men and women. What do you think about this 3 day rule?


No Hand(le)s said...

So I've never heard of this rule... but I'm feeling it. I'd venture to say, a one-day rule for the bun/pony, even if you dont get the full salon treatment the next day. A cool wet-look half-up do or some variation of the "i just left the pool" bun or pony goes a long way. Flowers, butterfly clips, and headbands are must have summer hair accessories. That is all.

Hey Bella said...

Damn! My pony has been in for a minute. Perhaps I should release the beast! LOL