A Diva A Day Keeps The Tomboy Away...

The other night I was getting caught up on my TV shows and was watching RuPaul's Drag U on the Logo network. As always I'm enthralled by the queens and how super fabulous and feminine they are. Their mission each week is to take 3 normal women who are battling some sort of issue that keeps them from being the women that they want to be.

On the first week the three women all were in tomboy ruts. This is something I can relate to completely. What some people may not know is that I was a serious tomboy. The show is known for its witty and timely quotes that have you in stitches or makes your jaw drop to the floor. One of the quotes that stuck out to me this episode was "A diva a day keeps the tomboy away". As soon as I heard it I said to myself "THAT'S IT!" That's how I got out of my rut of being a tomboy. Up until college you couldn't get me in a skirt or a dress. I hated the color pink. Heels were a no no. Hair and make up...non existent. My hair was in a ponytail or a bun and my glasses were always on my face. That was life for me. And then one day things changed...

It was little things that got me to the girly girl and ultra feminine woman that I am today. Simplest thing I did was let my hair down...literally. No more ponytails and buns unless it was appropriate for what I was wearing (or I was running to get my hair done the very next day). Regular manicures and pedicures were next. Then I started getting my eyebrows threaded and my face began to be framed so beautifully. I didn't think it was that much of a difference but considering I still wasn't wearing make up at this point it made my face stand out so much more. Next step was a signature handbag. Until college I never carried a purse...I know...crazy right?!? All the women in my family used to chastise me for this. I was a tomboy what did they expect? I always said I have pockets...and that's fine by me. What was next...hmmm...clothes that were more fitted and heels. That made a world of difference. I really started to feel like a woman at this point.

All of these things in conjunction with the limitless AMEX card that my father gave me for my 19th birthday and I was now hooked. Whether its hair, make up, or an ultra feminine garment I do my best everyday to keep the tomboy away.

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