Couture Crushes: Dominique Auxilly

I am absolutely j'adore these two amazing and couture garments. I have not only had the pleasure of meeting the designer Dominique Auxilly, but I have had the opportunity to wear one of her garments at an event that I worked back in June.

photo source: DAuxilly.com

"The Nicki Dress" is giving me everything right now. There is the right amount sex appeal, draping and hardware that I love yet still ultra feminine. I will have to order this dress as soon as possible. Its so not like anything that I own but after 26 years I think its time to step outside of my box.

photo source: DAuxilly.com
"Sunday Dress" made me scream as soon as I saw it. I literally yelped and hyperventilated and wanted to call Dominique immediately and ask for a size 4. I can't wait to order this dress. This is a must!

Below is a picture of me wearing a Dominique Auxilly original in June. It was so comfortable and perfectly tailored. The craftsmanship was very apparent.

To see more garments and collections from Dauxilly please visit her website! Dauxilly.com

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kimmydadiva said...

I absolutely love her designs from the time she was starting out. She creates fabulous pieces and it's great to see her reach successful heights in the industry.