Kim Kardashian Fashion Icon?


On Sunday at the VMA's celeb-reality queen Kim Kardashian was introduced as a fashion icon. Again I wasn't watching the show but my twitter timeline was immediately flooded with comments from viewers...and none of them were to happy. It appeared that 99.999% of the viewers didn't agree with the title of fashion icon for Kim. Now here are my personal comments...

Kim Kardashian is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Has never disappointed on a red carpet and looks graceful and elegant every time you see her. She wears clothes that are flattering to her body and her shape. She is never spilling out of her garments and nothing is ever too short. She knows how to dress and she dresses very well. But a fashion icon...she is not. She does not take risks. She is not starting any trends. She's just a beautiful woman that dresses very well.

I am not hating in any way. I love her fashion sense and the way she styles herself. I just feel the title of fashion icon for her is not fitting.

What are your thoughts?

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