Tutorial Tuesday: Cranberry Smokey Eye

I think I'm going to start posting my favorite tutorials on here on Tuesdays. I have had quite a few people ask me to do tutorials and I think I'm really going to do it. Make up is something that is so easy to me and has come naturally (with practice of course). I want everyday make up to be simple for everyone and there is no better way to do that than teach people.

For those who may wonder I do often watch videos on youtube from some of my favorite gurus. There are so many different techniques, tips and tricks to applying make up. In many cases there is no "right" way to apply make up but there are some theories and concepts that everyone should understand.

If you are new to make up or just want to learn more I encourage you to explore. READ books, WATCH videos and PRACTICE often. The more you practice the easier it becomes.

Here is a video that I like and I think its a wonderful make up look for the fall/winter and for Women of Color (WOC). This is the first edition of TUTORIAL TUESDAY! Hopefully it won't take me too long until I get started with my own.

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