Couture Favorite: Winter Polishes


Here are some of my favorite nail polishes that I will be wearing this winter. I think I may just alternate between these 4 and call it a season!

Lincoln Park After Dark
I swear this color can do no wrong. I would wear it year round if it weren't so dark. Hell I would wear it year round despite how dark it is *hair flip* You can never go wrong with an O.P.I. color and this color is no exception to that rule. Its the perfect super dark almost black color but its actually purple. From the minute I purchased this color in 2008 I have been in love. I think I may go pick up another one just because. It's going to be a long winter.

Vodka & Caviar
 This is my latest acquisition to my nail polish collection. I purchased it during homecoming weekend for my alma mater University of Maryland (GO TERPS!). I had never purchased a red nail polish before and went to my local beauty supply store and to the O.P.I. stand. Who knew there were so many reds to choose from?!? Some were too dark, some were too orange, some were too blue. But I new I wanted a blood red color. But once I saw the name "vodka and caviar" I was sold! It was so bougie and suggestive to me. So I had to get it. As my friend Marisa says its like a Russian Red. So as Russian Red is to MAC lipstick, Vodka & Caviar is to O.P.I. nail polishes.

I really love this taupe color by Sonia Kashuk. I had never tried her polishes before this summer, but I was on a quest for the perfect taupe/grey/beige color for the fall. But anything that is appropriate for fall (polish wise) is appropriate for the winter as well. Nice winter neutral. The formula is great and it doesn't chip as easily as other polishes tend to do. It was only $4.99 and it was literally the only one that was in the store so I had to get it. Glad I did!

I purchased this color the day of a snow storm last year. I knew I was going to be in for a while and needed to occupy myself. I really like the color. It gave me a very metallic minx like feel but without the price tag. I can say that it wore better on my toes than my hands. I need to try a new top coat. I literally went and got a polish change each week because it kept chipping. No bueno, but I love the color.

What are your favorite polishes that you're going to be wearing this winter? Let's share I wanna know!

*Peace Love & Couture*

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