Blame It On The Birth Control?

Ok....I normally don't post things that are too personal or political for a number of reasons, however this is something that has been bothering me like no other and I have to say something about it.

I'm sure all you of ladies (and gentlemen out there if you're reading) have seen commercials that say "after your birth control has failed......" Let's get this clear right here and right now...birth control doesn't fail when it comes to the pill. There is not an error with birth control, however a user error. I made this statement on twitter one evening and there was an alarming number of women who wanted to argue that birth control does indeed fail. I have to say I was enraged that women could be that silly and not take responsibility for their reproductive organs and make excuses.

They don't put that piece of paper that folds out the size of your desk inside of your birth control case for nothing. You're supposed to read it! And when you read it you will find out a plethora of things that can save you from user error.

Birth control is just a high dose of progesterone which tricks your body into thinking its already pregnant, however you need to take it EVERYDAY at THE SAME TIME in order to maintain these levels. Miss 2 days and you're screwed. Want to know why?!? Because it only takes 2 days for your body's natural estrogen levels to spike and initiate ovulation. So don't think just because you doubled up that you're fine...you're not. And then YOU would have failed.

You know when you go see a doctor and they say "are you currently on any medications right now"...well birth control counts. Too many women don't think of birth control as a medication and just see it as a form of oral contraception. Well you need to tell the doctor yes. This way they can tell you that antibiotics BLOCK birth control pills leaving you wide open. Normal course of antibiotics is 7-14 days...and remember you only need 2 days without the pill to be subject to ovulation.

In a nutshell women really need to take responsibility for their bodies and stop blaming things on medicine. Understand your cycle and ovulation as well as the pills that you pop in your mouth. Its my honest opinion that if you don't know how your body works then you don't need to be using it. And if that went over your head let me put it this way....if you don't understand your uterus and other reproductive organs then don't have sex and don't bring babies into the world. Period, point, blank. #yeahisaidit

*Peace Love & Couture*

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Danielle87 said...

I agree 100%!!!! The chances of your birth control "not working" are very slim. It's not the birth control it's the person using it just like you said.