Make Up Monday: Concealer

Hey there Couture Cuties! Today's #MakeupMonday post is dedicated to concealer. It's a wonderful product if you use it correctly. I think there are so many women that don't know how to use it to enhance their face and how they think they are supposed to use it. To help you out I have a few tips and tricks along with some do's and don'ts.

  1. Concealer by definition is meant to conceal dark spots or areas on the face. You don't need to put it on your entire face. That's just way too much. If you feel you need to conceal  your whole face, then you need to find a new foundation.
  2. Your concealer should be 1 to 2 shades lighter than your complexion depending on where you intend to place it.
  3. Always apply concealer with a brush and not simply your finger. Brushes provide a better application and blending than fingers.
The consistency of your concealer depends on the coverage you need and where you will be wearing it. If you're putting concealer under the eye you should use a liquid. When using concealer to highlight the brow bone and provide shape definition use a concealer that is heavier. A heavier concealer will cover stray hairs (if you have any) better than a liquid.

When applying concealer under the brow bone or to blemishes you a stiff concealer brush to allow for more control and precision. When applying concealer under the eye as a highlighter or to conceal dark circles, use a fluffy brush to allow for better blending. It will give a more buffed and polished look.

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