Surprising Brands

Have you ever been surprised by a brand or the quality of a particular product? You either spent a sizable fortune on a product and were let down, or you bought something really cheap and were surprised that the quality of said product was actually nice? I don't know about you, but I surely have.

Over the summer I purchased a really pretty coral nail polish from Forever21. It was $1.99 and I couldn't leave it. I figured its only $2 if I don't like it I can't really be mad about it. I normally an OPI girl and occasionally China Glaze. To my surprise the color was very opaque and 1 coat was sufficient (I always love that) and it didn't chip easily at all! And that was without a topcoat. Just last week I tried another of their colors and again I was pleasantly surprise. I tried a very dark silver color and I love it. I have to be honest and say that the Forever21 polishes hold up better than China Glaze.

What brands have surprised you? Share your story.

*Peace Love & Couture*

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