Bridal Makeup Tips via Suresh Beauty

I know so many women that are getting married within the next year and make up for that big day is very important. I came across some things to keep in mind while looking at Suresh Beauty's website and thought I would share with many bride to bes.

"Your make up has to withstand long hours of wear and tear, sweat, tears and possibly rain. Application is vital to a truly beautiful look." I highly suggest makeup trials. Make sure the makeup lasts for hours. Take pictures inside as well as outside to see how your face shows in pictures.

Here are some tips Suresh has to offer:

-clean flawless skin is key
-focus on concealing dark spots and smoothing out uneven areas

-shades of cream, gold, cocoa and bronze bring out the best in all eye colors
-delicate false lashes help create the look of refreshed eyes and rejuvenated skin

-add extra blush to make up for all the hugs and kisses
-shades of mauve and rose are universally flattering

-forego rich color for a light breezy gloss or sheer lipstick
-staying true to natural lip color is always best.

I hope these tips are helpful as you keep make up in mind for your big day. For more make up tips and tricks follow @SureshBeauty on twitter!

*peace love & couture*

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