Couture Tip: Makeup Counter Etiquette

I've heard and read some disturbing things from some women about experiences at their local makeup counter. Often times I hear of terrible experiences at the hand of the MUA on the other side of the counter, however I am starting to hear some things on the side of the consumer that just don't sit well with me.

I feel that women should behave better when they go to a makeup counter and solicit help from an artist. Granted often times they aren't licensed, however, they most likely still know more than you and are more knowledgeable of the products.

1. Be honest with yourself and the counter
Know exactly what you are going to the counter for. If you want a free face just say it. If you would like them to teach you how to do something, just say it. Don't act like you don't know what you want and try and swindle your way into a free face so you can go to the club.Don't waste any one's time. Know what you want and communicate that immediately.

2. Set an appointment
Yes you can walk right up to a counter and ask for help, however it would be in your best interest to set an appointment. If you know you're going to the mall that day and you would like to "play" in make up and try some things out, I suggest calling ahead. Make sure there aren't any events or trend shows that day that may interfere with your learning process. See if anyone has time to show you the things you would like to learn.

3. Make Lists
Be organized when you approach a makeup counter. Know what you want and have a list. Saw a number of things online that you wanted to try? Make a list and then you have them pull everything you want to try. Swatch away and allow them to assist other customers while you make up your mind on what you want to buy or give yourself time to formulate questions.

4. Spend money!
It really bothers me that people think they can always just go up to a counter and get a free face. Please be willing to spend money and purchase products. If you're going to sit for a makeup lesson or tutorial, then please be prepared to purchase the products that were used. That was the point of learning right? So that you could do it yourself at home. If you don't purchase the products how do you intend to do that? In some cases these artists are commissioned and make their money off the products that you purchase. No one has time to be beating your face for free and missing out on other sales because you're lazy and want to work the makeup counter system.

3. Get to know your counter
Find your favorite artist at the counter and build a relationship with them. Find out when new products are coming out and get first dibs. Over time they will become familiar with your face literally. You can sit down and they know exactly how you like your makeup done.

*peace love & couture*

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