TV Review: VH1 "Single Ladies"

Not often do I provide candid commentary or my thoughts on a television show through my blog. However in this case I feel that its very appropriate.

On Sunday after I watched the tom foolery that is Basketball Wives, I watched the premiere of the new show "Single Ladies" starring Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye McCoy. I can honestly say that in the first 10 minutes I thought that I might really like the show. Then my feelings quickly changed. The script became very messy in so many ways and I found no way that I, or any or my friends for that matter, could relate to such tom foolery.

The issues that these women were dealing with, none of my female friends would deal with in a million years. Not in our 20's, 30's, 40's or beyond. Not never. I am honestly upset that Queen Latifah has her name on this. I really thought she would have been able to do better depicting the single life of young black women. As I watched the show via twitter along with my many followers, I found that I was not alone in feeling that this was a poor depiction. I have been single and I have many single friends, and I have never heard such stories and accounts and girls night out. I'm just saying.

I feel that Lisa Raye was not acting at all and was just being herself. And the fact that her name has to be Kesha...it bothers me. Anyone who knows me knows that I often refer to hood rats and the uncouth as "Kesha" and the fact that she was all too ratchet and even a video hoe thief...I rest my case. Every single character was hustling backwards. They are all playing themselves out and attempting to use it as some sort of power. What a shame.

And let me further note that I believe the alleged altercations between Stacey and Lisa Raye behind the scenes was attributed to wardrobe. I'm going to go on the record and say that Lisa Raye was jealous that Stacey got the better wardrobe. Lisa Raye looked like her wardrobe selections came from RAVE while Stacey looked as if she was off a runway (minus those god awful acid wash jeans with the rips in them).

You can judge me, but I will probably continue to watch it just so I can talk bad about it. So until next week ladies....

*peace love & couture*

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Tyler Nicole Taylor said...

Well it was way more drama in the first episode than I was ready for. It got to the point where I told myself ok I can NOT care about any of these characters because these floozies are going to drive me crazy.

The Show:

To me it seems like VH1 is trying to compete with BET’s The Game. I say that because of how the show is set up. It is a dramatic romantic comedy that doesn’t have a laugh track. Only show I know that started that trend is The Game and oh lookie it’s on a music channel as well.

The Ladies:

Stacey’s character is an interesting chick. For the most part I rock with her but she has a lot of moments of confusion that to me are somewhat pointless. I’m glad she wasn’t with that stupid Bball player anymore. He, just like most men, is a certified jerk. I have never been one that could “do it” after cussing a mofo out. So I don’t even understand how she let that fool just walk back in her house like that. And on top of it she “did it” to him while she was crying after he told her he was just settling for her. WTF I would’ve been like ok you have nothing left to say sir. And if his ass would’ve walked back into my house I would call 911 and make a damn scene MTO here you come!!

Lisa Raye’s character is basically the “hoe” or free spirited one or, as we have now cleverly deemed it in today’s pop culture, the Samantha. But her little twist is that she isn’t really a “hoe” per say. She is more of an opportunist. Most people think she is because she was in music videos. But I can’t lie she does live by the “hoe” mentality. Because I don’t care what anyone says a woman need more than just “good sex and money in the bank.” Oh and her rich man gets under my skin for some reason I don’t like him too much. I don’t like the way he talks to her. And “Woody” his lil corny ass is funny looking. I could really do without him. He is way to lame. Couldn’t they have found a sexier light skin up and coming actor that is younger than Lisa Raye. I mean I don’t even believe a woman like Keisha would deal with a cornball like him. But on the other hand she gets to walk all over him and he sells that part really well.

The white chick (April) typical ungrateful ass person. I mean she has a nice looking, well off, outstanding man who takes care of her. She gets on my damn nerves and I can’t wait until her husband kicks her sloppy ass to the curb. I’m pretty sure they will get back together somehow. And if she has no feelings for the mayor when he told her to stop sleeping with her husband she should have told his ass no. Duh!

Lauren London’s character Idk how to read this chick yet. I want to trust and like her but I’m not all the sold on her. But she seems like she is just as screwed up as the rest of them so she’ll more than likely fit right in!

The Acting:

I see Eve still can’t act to save her life lmao. And the show for real, for real is like one gigantic ATL cameo at times. I mean Chilli, JD, Kandi!! I wonder when we will be seeing Usher, Jazze Phae, Jeezy, Lloyd, Big Boi and Ne-yo. It’s just a matter of time I suppose. Stacey’s, Lisa and the April chick’s acting is pretty good. They actually make a convincing trio of friends (even though I heard Stacey & Lisa got into it on set) Lauren’s acting at some points kind of throws me off because it reminds me of her in the movie ATL. Clearly she is playing the same character just grown up now but sometimes her skills come across as if this is her first major project.

The Conclusion:

I’m definitely going to continue watching. I mean I used to (and still sometimes do) watch EVE. I not only like to support black shows but honestly it is a breath of fresh air that we have a new TV show that is scripted and is the opposite of reality tv. I am soooooooooo over that crap. I’m happy to see scriptwriters getting jobs again. Plus I like to see how a show goes from being rocky and rough to either really good or really bad. But I’m def gonna keep tuning in.

*Sorry this is so dag on long. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days…lol*