Couture Tip: Used Dryer Sheets

What do you do with your dryer sheets after you have taken your clothes out of the dryer? Do you simply throw them away after one use? If you do, you absolutely shouldn't.

If you didn't know, after only one cycle in the dryer, most dryer sheets still have some life left in them. Instead of throwing them away why not use them until they can't be used any more. What I often like to use dryer sheets for are dust cloths! They pick up dirt and dust like nobodies business. My father shared this with me many years ago. They are perfect for window sills and base boards, along with desk tops and televisions. But my favorite thing...picking up hair off the floor! My father is a germaphobe, and hated when my hair would shed. I even had to use a separate vacuum cleaner for my hair. My hair sheds often, especially when I blow dry my hair. Few swipes with a dryer sheet and you're good to go.

Another use for dryer sheets is inside of your shoes. Have a pair of shoes that you don't wear socks with? Put dryer sheets in your shoes at night to keep them smelling fresh. For more alternative uses for used dryer sheets click here.

*peace love & couture*

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