Death to Flowerbomb

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you are already aware of my disdain pertaining to a certain fragrance. It sparked a few comments and I engaged in quite a lovely commentary with a number of my friends and followers alike. Here is what I posted last night on Facebook:

Thank you Wale for ruining what once was one of my favorite fragrances. Today I saw a gaggle of hooded rats rushing the fragrance section in Nordstrom looking for "Lotus Flowerbomb". First of all rats Lotus isn't part of the name and you shan't find a flower on the packaging. I've been wearing it since 2006 and you wait until 2011 because of a song?!? Lame. Rats ruin everything.

Let me just say that I wholeheartedly stand behind my statement. I will not retract one bit of it. I will say it until the day that I die buried in BCBG. You can call me crazy, stank, selfish, bougie....go ahead. I will be all of those things for you.

I really feel as though Wale has really done Viktor & Rolf a disservice to their fragrance. This is not brand enhancement in any way. You have young women running into Nordstrom looking for a fragrance and naming it incorrectly. Pretty rude if you ask me. There is a certain refinement I feel that goes with Flowerbomb...and that is about to be ruined.

My other problem is that I personally don't like to wear something that everyone is wearing. I believe that a fragrance says a lot about a person. Yes, I'm well aware about body chemistry and every fragrance smells slightly different on each person. However, I honestly would prefer for someone to ask me what I'm wearing and not already know.

Something that has been so classically beautiful to me since 2006 is now ruined in 2011 by a rapper with new money who can finally afford better things.

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