Holiday Gifts Under $20

Bonjour ladies! It's officially December and time for holiday parties. I get really excited around this time because every year some friends of mine from high school do our annual "Diva Christmas Party". Each year has a different theme and color scheme and it makes it really fun.

One thing we always do is a gift exchange with a price cap of $20. I know sometimes you're thinking what can I get of substance for a close friend for $20 or less? Well I thought about it and I'm going to share some of my list with you. I hope this helps you for your holiday gift shopping.

To see my suggestions read on...

1. Personalized Teacup or Mug

Anthropologie Monogrammed Cups for as little as $8
I love anything that is personalized or monogrammed. It's a personal touch that will never go out of style in my book. Anthropologie has lovely monogrammed cups that would be a great choice to give a friend. You can also pair your gift with a box of your favorite tea.

2. A Book

I'm a nerd. I love books. To turn pages gives me joy. Find a book that you love and share that with your friend, or find a book about something that interests them.

3. Candles

Nothing like an amazing aromatic candle to soothe someones mood or take them to another world. You can find a lot of great candles at places like Target, Urban Outfitters, Marshall's or even TJ Maxx.

4. Bottle of wine

5. Nail Polishes

Essie Luxe Effect Holiday 2011 colors
Nail polishes are a great gift. You can get 2 colors from Essie or O.P.I. that will allow your friend to try something a little festive for the holiday. By a solid color then a complimentary color with sparkle or glitter.

6. Magazine Subscription

Gift your girlfriend some reading material for an entire year! Get her a subscription to her favorite magazine if she doesn't already have one. Some couture reading material.

7. Journal

If your friend is a writer or jots down a lot of notes, why not get them a journal. You can find a lot of lovely journals for under $20.

8. Martini or Wine Glasses

You can go to Marshall's, Ross or even TJ Maxx and find very nice sets of wine or martini glass sets. Great gift for your friend, then have her plan the next girl's night in and break them in!

9. Picture Frame

Picture frame found at Target for $19.99
 Find a really nice or ornate picture frame. Place a picture of you and friend inside. Accompany the picture with a story or some memories from when the picture was taken. It's personal and something heartfelt your friend will never forget.

10. Stationery Set

If you know me you know I love a good stationery set. I love having pretty paper and notepads for handwritten notes (which I don't think people do enough).



Save the Date-October 11,2009 said...

These are great gift suggestions! I especially like anything that makes for a fun stocking stuffer, like the nail polishes.

Candice Olivia said...

Glad you liked the list!