Let Me Live: Natural vs. Relaxed

I know this isn't a new topic. It's not a new argument, however, I went on a slight rant on twitter yesterday expressing my thoughts on the natural versus relaxed debate. It began with @MorenaBarbee told me that someone commented on someones YouTube makeup tutorial and said they liked her but would like her better if she wore her hair natural like her...*insert scrunched up face*. I'm not sure what the state of her hair has to do with her abilities to apply makeup, but whatever.

I was immediately enraged because it made me think about the number of women who have natural hair that have either tried to convince me to go natural or implied that they are better than me because they are natural. As my blood was boiling I took to twitter and let out my frustrations. Here are a few key things I had to say:

  1. If you wear your hair natural it doesn't make you better than me. It is simply a choice that you made.
  2. If you wear your hair natural it doesn't mean that you spend any less time on your hair or that it's any easier to do.
  3. Healthy hair practices are healthy hair practices. Whether your hair is long or short, relaxed or natural, you still need to take care of it. Regular trims, conditioning, and stay away from as much heat as you can.
I have been relaxed since I was 11 years old. So I am going on 17 years of being relaxed. Never have I ever experienced any major breakage, I have never had issues growing my hair, and I have also been coloring my hair off and on since I was 16. Every one's regimen is different and I have always done what has worked for me. I only relax my hair 2 or 3 times a year. My hair has always been well trained and I don't need to do it that often. I don't apply a lot of heat to my hair and it's always wrapped. The thought of split ends sends me into a full blown panic attack. (I'm not even joking)

Should I ever decide to go natural and release myself of all chemicals (which I doubt I ever will) I will do the same things I have always done. Not a lot of heat. Wrapping my hair up so I don't get split ends and deep conditioning my hair.

I've had my hair long, I've had it super short, I've tracked it up. Who cares, it's my hair. Stop judging people because of their personal preference. BITCH YOU WASN'T WITH ME SITTING IN THE SALON! *Rick Ross voice* So why are you worried about what I'm doing with my hair? So what if my hair was already long, and I chopped it off because I wanted to, and then decided to grow it back and while it's growing back get a weave. It's mine, I have the receipt. Get out of my wallet and my scalp. Please and thanks.

For pics of my hair over the years take a look below

Candice Olivia

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Anonymous said...

Truth be told, natural ain't for everyone. In fact, it's only for 20% in my option. Some of it looks horrible. Some looks awesome. A lot of people I see go natural just forget about their hair lookin all matted and just nasty. That's not what natural is..................................................