Hair Journal: Operation Grow Back

I cut my hair at the beginning of March and I loved it. And I still love my hair. But I made the decision that I'm going to grow my hair back and its in that in between stage where it isn't short enough and its not long enough. I'm constantly tempted to just cut it shorter so its not in the way, but then I know because my hair grows like a weed it won't be that long before its not annoying me. So instead of cutting it I dyed it. I needed something to do to my hair so I wouldn't cut it. Whenever I don't want to cut I color. 

My bangs are really blowing my life because they are growing out and they are at a very awkward length and not framing my face the way I want them to. So I'm constantly trying to find cute and different way to twist them and pin them back so they aren't in my face. Plus its hot and humid and I don't want hair in my face anyway. 

I'm also frustrated because my hair is so short in the back and its hard to disguise the fact that I need to get my hair straightened since I chemically process my hair. Unlike many of my friends who get relaxers every 6-8 weeks I only do it 3 times a year. I don't like a lot of chemicals on my hair, nor do I like a lot of heat.



ari michelle said...

You are too cute! I really like your blog. I feel you on the hair thing... Mine is going haywire right now. Good luck on "Operation Grow Back"

Mevish said...

wow your so pretty! lovin the look hun x

Olivia Cole said...

Thanks ladies! I'm having a hard time but I'm really trying to make it work.