The New Nude Face via Harper's Bazaar

I recently saw a tweet about "The New Nude" face which intrigued me because I really don't like to wear much makeup anymore when I do. I just focus on a clean face with a few accentuations. This post by Harper's Bazaar was on point and exactly what I've been doing more or less so I thought I would share it.

photo credit: ImaxTree

A clean, flawless look is what we want from our makeup this spring. Achieving this chic, minimalist effect requires a light hand, a few expert pointers, and the right neutral and blush shades, says makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Here are 7 ways to appear au natural, only better. For the full post click here.

  1. Prep skin with a primer
  2. Make foundation invisible
  3. Blush softly
  4. Erase lines
  5. Draw attention to eyes
  6. Enhance lip
  7. Nude polish on nails
As I previously mentioned, recently when I've been doing a full face of makeup I've been going for what most people call the "no makeup makeup look" or nude face. I wear almost no shadow or something light with a slight shimmer to draw attention to the eye with many layers of mascara and just liner or my water line and tight line of my eye. I use a blush that gives just a natural flush or glow, and bring attention to my lip with a pop of color. Making your foundation invisible is very important to a nude face to ensure it appears as if you have nothing on. I achieve this by using a liquid foundation and a stippling brush and buff the foundation into my skin blending out any harsh lines.

Here is an example of a nude face that I've been doing recently.

Hope these were helpful tips for a nude face!

Candice Olivia


Princess_Tonii said...

I do a nude face every single day, because I love and hate makeup both at the same time lol. It's so pretty and natural :)

Candice Olivia said...

Lol yes it's often a love hate relationship. Lately I've just been focusing on skin care and getting my brows back in tip top shape.