Lovin/Hatin 001

First Edition: I've seen this a lot on quite a few blogs. Just a rambling off of things that you love and hate at the moment. I find myself constantly saying what I love and hate at the moment so I figured it would be a good addition to my blog.

  • bronze make up
  • my hair because its behaving and growing out quite nicely
  • my new job. not very stressful. kinda getting paid to do nothing
  • the new Lexus ISC drop top. SEX ON WHEELS!
  • the Black Eyed Peas cd. if you don't have it then get it!
  • the fact that I'll be starting school again soon. going to get my masters in Public Relations. I'm excited.
  • short skirts and dresses.


  • me eyebrows. I've been holding out on getting them threaded and trying to do them myself to save money. I'm not happy. gonna have to drop the dough.
  • zit on my chin. why are you here? and when can you leave?
  • my nails. struggling post acrylic. they are growing but breaking because they're so thin
  • harem pants. don't like them on any size or shape. just ugly
  • shoulder pads. damn you Balmain for what you're doing. some trends should just never resurface
  • short ponytails. sorry to anyone that has one. they just really annoy me. they look like little nubs or paint brushes. if you're at home or in the gym cool...but other than that i can't stand it.


monilove4027 said...

LMAO @ the ponytail comment...that is my number one pet peeve! Love this blog.

Olivia Cole said...

ok so i'm not alone! that makes me feel better. its called a PONY tail for a reason. i have yet to see a pony with a nub.