Eureka! New Bronzer

I've really been trying my best to fully complete one full cycle of the 10 Pan project. And I've been doing way better than I thought I would have. Guess I have more make up will power than I thought. 

Recently, if you remember, I gave away my bronzer because it really wasn't the right shade for me. But I knew I needed a new one. So I've been trying to grapple with myself on how I'm going to get a new one without buying one. I've been going through my products looking at things I can use to make myself appear more bronze. I've used my cream color base in bronze on my face to highlight bone structure and that's worked. But not the way I would like it to. I've also dabbed some of my skin shimmer on my face in certain areas. Not really what I wanted. 

But low and behold. I found a treasure right under my nose. My blush in format! I haven't used it in so long because I've been on this peachy blush kick (Orgasm, Sunbasque, Peachtwist). I swatched it on my hand and it was gorgeous. Not like I haven't used it before but that was so long ago. I have a new love for it. Can't wait to use it again. 

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