Product Review: Exclusive MAC Collections at Nordstrom

A few posts ago I was so excited for a few things from the new exclusive MAC products at Nordstrom. Here is the verdict:
I'm going to keep it brief. I was not enthused once I was up close. At the end of my trip I didn't want to purchase anything, and I no longer felt bad for not having money. The one thing that I would purchase is part of the standard products anyway so I can get it at any time.

Graphic Garden Collection:
  • Didn't want the brushes once I saw them. Would only need 1 brush from each set, and for all that I can find a cheaper alternative.
  • Lip bags weren't that cute up close. The colors weren't essential to me.
  • The eyeshadow palettes are good only if you don't already have a million and one eyeshadows. If you have tons of eyeshadows I'm sure you have dupes of all the colors that are present in these 2 palettes. Not necessary, and you're really only paying for the case that the palette comes in, and they aren't that cute up close.

Look In A Box:

  • All I can say is not worth it.
  • You're guaranteed to have at least one of the two eyeshadows that come in the kit, or dupes for both.
  • Boxes aren't skin tone specific. You're bound to look ashy if you're a brown girl with the beauty powders that come with them.
  • The lip colors are suspect.
  • The only plus is that it comes with a face chart on how to achieve the look, but that's only good if you know how to apply and have the right brushes in the first place.

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Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I don't often pass on MAC collections but I did with this one for the same reasons as you!

Cool blog!