Staples In My Closet

Its about that time that I go through my closet and start pulling things out to donate. It's part of my 30/60/90 day rules. Every 90 days I pull things out that I don't wear anymore (tags or not) and bag it up and donate it.

As I began to go through this process I realized that I have a lot of common elements in my closet. There are a lot of things that I stay true to and have always been a part of my style (seeing that some of my clothes are 5 years old and I still wear them).

I love satin. There is just something so feminine and sleek about it. Be it a satin skirt, shirt or dress I love it. I have tons of satin in an array of colors. I dress it up or I dress it down (by pairing it with denim). I always feel extra feminine when I'm wearing satin. Satin is my go to fabric when I'm feeling extra girly.

Oxford shirts
Love Love Love button down shirts and oxfords. So clean, crisp and classic. You can never go wrong with a nice fitting oxford, and you definitely need multiple colors. But if you're ever undecided on what colors to get you can never go wrong with a classic white and then a blue color (light or dark). Throw it over a sundress, wear it with a suit, pair it with jeans. Roll the sleeves up. Leave the sleeves down. Wear yours or wear your boyfriends and it works. I have close to 15 or more oxfords and I'm contemplating purchasing more. Only because I'm going to get rid of some.

What can I say about the cardigan that you don't already know? They are perfect for everything. If you don't have any you're crazy. There are so many variations so you don't' have to look like a preppy nerd or stepford wife when you wear them.

I don't have tons of lace but I like lace. Its an element in garment construction that I appreciate and think like satin it is feminine but when done right can be a little more sexy.

I love darts! Garments that have darts just lay so much better on the body for a very tailored fit. I love clothes that are tailored very well and have a nice fit. If it doesn't fit you then don't buy it. Simple as that. My back is very small but my shoulders are somewhat broad for my frame. So I love darts because I won't have a gaping area in the back of my shirts (hate that). It just helps the clothes lay so much better on my body.

Tons and tons of black. No explanation needed. When I'm confronted with color options; when in doubt I go with black.

I HAVE A DENIM FETISH. I love love love denim. Oddly enough I love it so much and used to have an issue with my legs that I would even wear jeans in the summer. I have roughly 20 pairs of jeans. People tell me I'm crazy but they are all so different to me. Jeans for flats, jeans for heels. Jeans for that time of the month that are comfy and loose. Jeans with special pockets. Jeans with no pockets. Skinny, bootcut, flair....you get the idea.

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Imo said...

Black is always going to be a wardrobe staple and black with lace...iT I SLOVE :)