I just realized that for some reason lately I've been doing my hair on Thursday nights. I think its because I won't let myself leave the house because there are things I want to watch on tv and I need the time to do my hair and let treatments sit. Right now my Thursday line up consists of the elimination results from So You Think You Can Dance and I watch The Fashion Show (which I love!)

Tonight I will be washing and deep conditioning my hair. I've been reading a lot of blogs (the brown/ethnic girls) that I follow and they all wash their hair every week! To me that's kinda crazy. I really don't know if I have the energy or the time to do that every week. I have to spend hours on my hair. I generally let it go until I see dandruff or my layers don't fall the way I would like them to. Gotta have bounce and flow in my hair honey! Once I shake out my wrap and it goes limp from product build up, THEN I will wash it and start from scratch. If someone can really explain to me why its best that I wash it every single then maybe I will conform. Otherwise every 2 - 3 weeks works for me and my hair grows like a weed.

Tonight I'm going to use my Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner by Frederic Fekkai. I'm then going to follow up with my Tui Hair Smoothie by Carol's Daughter and let that sit for about 45 minutes with a cap on. Then I'm going to let it air dry 75% of the way. After that I will put a little Tui Hair Oil by Carol's Daughter on my hair and blow dry it. Then I'm going to flat iron it with my Chi and wrap it. Now you see why I don't like doing this when I don't' have to?

For a professional review of Carol's Daughter hair products make sure you read TheGlossyPosse.

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Olivia said...

I think most women wash their every week because their hair gets tangled or dry. I wash every week or every 2 weeks it all depends on what my hair needs.

You seem to know how your hair is so continue taking care of it they way you like.