Disappointed: Fall Shoe Collections

I'm starting to wonder if its just me. Is my taste changing now that I'm getting older? Or are my go to designers for fall shoe collections letting me down? I think its a little bit of both.

I recently went to Nordstrom to see what shoes they had for the fall and to my surprise I saw NOTHING that I liked. There was one shoe that I tried on but once I put it on it wasn't cute anymore. It didn't call out to me. (Ladies you know how the shoe has to seductively call out your name right?!?) I had not one Shoegasm. That's disappointing. If you can't joy anywhere else in your life you're supposed to be able to do that in a shoe section. I always flock to the BCBG table...and it was a BUST!

I thought maybe its just the particular store that I went to. I'll look again on line....still...nothing. This is rather depressing. I told myself that I want to step my shoe game up and these designers aren't helping me. Maybe I need to look elsewhere. Until then I'll be sad and shoeless....

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