Mermaid Face

I'm finally posting this. Its the make up I wore to an all white party back in July. Briana from "The Glossy Posse" is responsible for doing my face.

It was the first time my face was this beat and with lashes. I'm soooo in love with these Red Cherry lashes. They weren't the most comfortable at first but I stuck it out the whole night.

Make sure you check out www.theglossyposse.net It's my other life and part of the reason I'm not blogging as much but I'm trying to change that. We also have a contest up right now. You should enter! $150 worth of products up for grabs.


rayqueenbee said...

Lovely, very pretty!

Olivia Cole said...

Thank you! I think this has been one of my fave make up looks to date.