10 Fall Must Haves!

My fellow fashion maven on twitter @StyleAtelier listed her Top 10 Fall Must haves last week. I liked them so much I wrote them down and I wanted to share them with everyone. They are not the bible, and can be tweaked to fit your personal taste (via colors and/or prints). 

  1. Statement Handbag
  2. Pencil skirt or Sweater dress
  3. Driving loafers
  4. Trapeze jacket
  5. Cocktail rings
  6. Fall bronzer
  7. Cropped leather jacket
  8. Rain boots/ Riding boots
  9. Pashmina wrap
  10. Cashmere sweater

If you're on twitter make sure you're following: @MsOliviaCole, @StyleAtelier, @FaceMode, @MakeUpRepublic, @ZerinaAkers and @opethestylist. They are make up artists, stylists, fashion gurus, and most of all wonderful women of color in the industry who inspire me every day! 

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