Couture Event: Private Viewing of Sex And The City 2 with POSH GiRL Events

Whether you're interested or not, every woman (and man for that matter) knows that there is a cult like following of Sex And The City. On May 27th the girls are back together for Sex And The City 2 and I'm more than excited.

Although I'm excited I'm not someone who likes to go to movies like this on opening weekend because I can't deal with the crowds. But I'm always torn because I want to see things right away. I never like to feel left out. This Couture Girl always has to be first.
Well leave it to POSH GiRL Events to think of this exact thing. On May 27th you and your friends can enjoy a private viewing of Sex And The City 2 in Old Town Alexandria, VA! How exclusive. What group of friends doesn't want to do that? Your ticket includes a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice) and the opportunity to avoid lines and be in the company of couture women to watch a couture film on opening day. Doors open at 9pm and the movie will start promptly at 10. To be early is to be on time ladies. You never know if the POSH GiRLS will be giving something away. *hint hint*
To purchase tickets and for more information click here.
Need another fix? Watch the trailer here!

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