Couture Debate: Forever21 Maternity Line

Today it was brought to my attention that Forever21 will be expanding its line to add maternity. The line is going to feature "hip maternity wear on a budget". I've heard mixed emotions from friends and twitter followers as to how they feel about this line extension. I thought it would make for a nice juicy and couture debate.

I personally have mixed emotions about the line, but they are leaning more toward the negative. I understand that there is a large market in the fashion industry with the pregnant woman in mind, many whom are young and would like clothing that is trendy yet affordable. I understand that you're only going to be pregnant 9 months and don't want to spend a fortune on the clothes. My major problem is the target demographic for Forever21 is teenagers. With teenagers getting pregnant at alarming rates, I feel as though this new affordable line of maternity clothing in one of their favorite and most frequented stores, somehows condones these teenage pregnancies. Despite the fact that the target age group includes 13-18 year old girls, the pregnant women posted on the website's blog appear to be much older.
I think Forever21 needs to be very clear in its marketing as to whom this maternity line is for. I would really hate for all the young girls that are getting pregnant to think they can now spend their money from their babysitting jobs on cheap clothing for their growing bellies. Don't get me wrong, I shop in Forever21 from time to time, but they don't have the best quality clothing. These garments aren't going to last you a life time. They are trendy and inexpensive. That is the key, not quality.

With that being said, we in the Couture Lounge want to know what your thoughts are on the Forever21 maternity line? We would love to read your comments. Feel free to share this post with friends.
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Danielle87 said...

I have mixed feelings about that too. Yes women who become pregnant still want to be cute and fly, but this kinda seems like they're promoting teen pregnancy. If they were planning on making this a whole different store instead of selling them in the regular forever 21 then I would be more ok with the idea but right now idk.......