Issey Miyaki for Evian. Designer Water Gone Too Far?

Despite the fact that Fiji was the official water of MBFW which just wrapped up; Evian has honed in on its long standing relationship with the fashion world. For the past couple of years they have teamed up with designers to produce designer water bottles. Past designers include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Christian Lacroix and now Issey Miyake.

For $7.99 a bottle or $49.99 a case, you can have one of these couture water bottles. I wonder has this gone too far? Some may think its nothing more serious than buying a special mug to put your beverage in and for a fashion maven this is their thing. However, how many people are actually going to save these bottles? Does Evian use recycled materials to create their bottles? I'm pretty sure they don't. I don't see that its contributing anything. No proceeds from these special sales are going to charity or a cause bigger than themselves.

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