First Day of Fall!

At approximately 3:08 am on September 23rd the Autumnal Equinox occurred. With that being said it is officially Fall, my favorite season both weather and fashion wise. More importantly it marks the astrological shift into Libra *hair flip*. Just in case my readers didn't know I'm a very loud and proud Libra.
I absolutely j'adore fall fashion. Boots, sweaters, blazers, sweater dresses, rich colors. You name it I love it. Just take direction from the changing leaves and let that be your color palette. Be it hair, make up, polish or other accessories, look to nature to be your guide.
On behalf of The Couture Lounge HAPPY FALL! Let's fall into fashion together.
*Peace Love & Couture*


The Glamour Commander said...

You look gorge, mama! Very Equestrian.

Candice Olivia said...

Thank you! That was from my birthday shoot last year. And definitely the look I was going for. I'm thinking something more sexy this year.