Iman Launches IMAN Home!

Make your lounge couture with IMAN Home!

As if an amazing cosmetics line wasn't enough, retired super model Iman is now entering the world of domestic goods. She is now launching IMAN Home with luxurious fabrics and furniture. Current collections include Modern Glamour and Urban Eclectic.

"Home is where I seduce my husband, nurture my children, entertain my friends and
nourish my soul. I truly believe that great rooms are great escapes and that
IMAN Home can offer a solution for those customers who love worldly things but
are unable to seek them out themselves"

Iman, President and CEO of IMAN Home

At first glance of the collections online I'm very impressed and quite excited to see what she has designed in person. I would love to create a nice little love den or cove using these fabrics that are rich and feminine but not overbearing.

Iman will have the opportunity to decorate the lounges at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, a wonderful beginning to debut her line and her decorating skills.

Visit her website for more information by clicking here.

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