Queen Elizabeth II is Cold Blooded!

Queen Elizabeth II
It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II has asked the government to subsidize the utility bills in royal palaces. For the full article click here. The British citizens who already support the Queen to a tune of $60M each year would be expected to fund the heating bill at Buckingham Palace which is now up to $1.5M, a 50% increase since 2004.

What is most upsetting and disturbing is that Her Royal Highness wanted the funds to come from government program that was intended to fund the heating expenses of the poor! Apparently the government was ready to slip her the money until the cat got out of the bag and they wanted to avoid bad press.

Whether she knew what the government program was intended for or not is up for debate, however the allegations alone are retched. I can't believe the government would support such a thing. There are so many people in need and to take their funding way to give to the Queen? Absolutely absurd. Maybe they can cut costs and buy her a heated blanket and call it a day. But that's just my opinion.

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