Eatonville: Couture Dining

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for drinks at Eatonville in DC. I had already eaten dinner and wasn't terribly hungry but I needed some girl time so I decided a drink and an appetizer wouldn't hurt. It was a Sunday night off of U Street and I was lucky to find parking virtually right in front of the restaurant. This made me very happy for I despise parking in DC.

The ambiance and decor of the restaurant had a very southern feel which was warm and inviting. My friend was stuck in traffic so I spent some time taking it all in by myself. My server brought me water in a mason jar. This made me feel like I was at my great grandmother's house on the farm in North Carolina. It made me smile as soon as I saw it.

As I continued to wait I decided to order a drink. Normally I would wait for my date to arrive but I couldn't take it and I knew she wouldn't mind. So I placed my order for a "Grown and Sexy". It seemed fitting for girl's night out. What a delicious drink! Made sure I ordered 2 of them. Once my friend arrived I ordered the gumbo from the appetizer menu. Considering I had just eaten not even 2 hours prior that was a healthy size portion. The flavor was absolutely amazing. As a dessert I ordered the peach cobbler. I'm normally not a fan of peaches but I figured I would try it anyway. WOW! Amazing. The taste was decadent. The peaches were whole so I knew they were freshly sliced and not canned. The ice cream on top tasted like it was  homemade. Everything seemed as though someones grandmother was in the kitchen wearing an apron and humming some sweet tune.

I would definitely visit this restaurant again. A sweet drink, a bowl of gumbo and some peach cobbler was all I needed to feel at home and comfortable. It has the stamp of approval from The Couture Lounge. For more information on the restaurant and its story, please visit their website.

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