Urban Chic: Couture Shopping Experience

Last week while shopping with my roommate, we decided to venture to some of the new shops in Annapolis. I had only been to the Target and the Whole Foods but not visited any of the stores. She told me her sisters told her of a really nice boutique called Urban Chic. I was in the mood to shop so why not stop in right?!?

I normally don't shop in boutiques (and I should) but this one I love. The ambiance and aesthetics of the boutique were very chic and couture. The sales associates were very polite, gracious and helpful. I was informed of all promotions (which I love). As a retail aficionado this is something that I appreciate.

I happened to be present on the day of a Citizens of Humanity trunk show...go figure I needed a pair of jeans. I had already done quite a bit of shopping that day and didn't plan on buying another thing. But 15% off and I desperately needed a pair of jeans that fit...I couldn't resist. And I can never resist premium denim. The sales associate was so helpful and took her time with me. She listened to what I had to say about my likes and dislikes of premium denim and more specifically Citizens. She set me up in the dressing room and I began to try jeans on. She was very knowledgeable and with me right next to customer service is product knowledge. I'm not a stupid shopper and if you don't know what you're talking about....I'm going to know it!

Overall it was a more than pleasant shopping experience and successful! I ended up buying a pair of jeans and they are perfect. I will definitely be frequenting this boutique more and more.

**sidebar** They have the most chic and amazing fitting rooms ever! I wanted to just lounge in there with a cup of tea and the latest issue of Vogue and Elle. Absolutely divine.

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