Couture Spotlight! Everybody Loves Z

One of my favorite Couture Cuties is Ms. Zerina Akers. She is such a fashion maven (death to the word fashionista) with such a brilliant and political mind. Not your average shallow girl that just loves shoes and bags (but let me add the girl loves her sequins!). She finds beauty in all things, her taste doesn't discriminate and she finds a way to analyze a photo in a thought provoking way. She's gorgeous, smart and sassy. Did I mention she can style her ass off?!?

She now has a site http://www.everybodylovesz.com/. Make sure you check it out. Striking photos and even more striking thoughts and dialogue. I love when something that appears to be so shallow and vain can produce intelligent conversations amongst adults. This is what her site does for me, besides providing couture inspirations. *Four snaps in a Z formation* for this site. I'm sure once you see it you will save it to your favorites and have it on your toolbar.

Make sure you follow her on twitter! @zerinaakers

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