Couture Thoughts: Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors

Ok everyone is reporting that Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their first child. Most people seemed shocked and excited the minute they heard the so called "news". I on the other hand wasn't too thrilled. Yea I said it! I don't want Beyonce to be pregnant.

It was just the other day when I heard Beyonce's "Diva" playing and I immediately thought to myself wow I'm way over due for some new Bey tunes in my life. My friend Phyllis and I had the same conversation via BBM. We're ready for a new album, dance inspiring videos with amazing garments and make up. Most importantly we're ready for another Beyonce concert! I don't care what anyone says, there isn't another female performer in Beyonce's bracket that puts on a show the way she does. Its a non stop 2 hour show of shear genius. My boyfriend interjected my rant to say "Oh so this is about you....Don't nobody give a f**k about you". And yes as a consumer and Beyonce fanatic this is about me. She can't satisfy me by having a baby right now.

So if she were to be pregnant now, that means I can't go to another Beyonce concert this summer. I know she can crank out an album like her husband in 3 weeks start to finish and then do all of her videos within another month...but I want perfection. I want floor seats at another concert, I want to learn all the dance moves and let's face it, that's not going to happen with a baby in her belly or on her hip.

Some people may say I'm selfish, I don't care. I'm the consumer and at the end of the day artists provide what consumers demand. Basic sales and marketing. Supply and demand. I want Beyonce or Sasha Fierce (whomever she wants to be at that given moment) and a baby is going to get in the way of that.

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