It's Tea Time!

I've been wanting to have a tea party with my girlfriends for quite some time. I'm not a coffee person but I love tea! What a better way to gather your girlfriends, sip on a few drinks, nibble on a few sandwiches and cookies and just enjoy each other's company?

I was looking online and found a lot of little trinkets to purchase for the perfect tea party. If your group is small you can personalize your experience. Have things that the ladies can take home with them. You can purchase individual tea cups with their initials from Anthropologie for only $6! You can even send them home with a few tea bags that they can steep in their new personalized cup. Buy special plates to put their snacks on that match the decor for your perfect little party.

Call up your girls and have a party! For tips on hosting the perfect tea party click here.

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